Fascists Threaten Social Center in San Gabriel Valley

It has been nearly a week since a catastrophic fire in Oakland claimed the lives of artists and organizers who were attending an evening electronic music show at the Ghostship warehouse and living space.

In the wake of that disaster, fire marshals across the United States have used the opportunity of heightened fear to evict long standing arts, political and communal living spaces. Rhinoceropolis in Denver and The Bell Foundry in Baltimore are two of the most recent examples.

Wasting no time in exploiting the tragedy to their own ends, members of the /pol/ board of the notorious website 4chan, suggested that fellow self described ‘race realists’, fascists, members of the ‘alt-right’ and neo-nazis lodge complaints regarding d.i.y. and arts spaces with authorities in an effort to have them shut down. In the first post of the thread, they openly declare that they are attempting to “crush the ‘artspaces’ and venues of the radical left”. They go on to suggest that infiltrating these spaces to create chaos internally as an option that might also be explored.


Part way through the thread one individual names Bridgetown DIY, an arts and social center located in the San Gabriel Valley, as a potential target. The anonymous poster provides links to the center’s online presence and even pulls quotes from a local newspaper article.

Screenshot 2016-12-10 at 2.22.07 PM.png

Though posters on /pol/ and 4chan have a long history of posturing, it’s rare for them to carry out their plans – thanks in part to their inability to go less than 5 minutes without resorting to infighting, in conjunction with their incredibly poor organizing capacity.

Still, it would be foolish to not take these threats (however idle they may seem) seriously. The S.G.V. Anti-Repression Committee stands firmly committed to beating the fascists on the streets and on the internet. We are prepared to defend any social center or gathering place that reactionaries threaten to do harm to in our community.

We ask all those who live in the S.G.V. to report any sort of Fascist, Neo-Nazi or Alt-Right activity to us immediately: sgvantirepression@gmail.com

Your tips and identity will be kept entirely anonymous.

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